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Beenomix 2.0

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This project is centred on bees and it develops a series of objectives that have in common genetics, selection and preservation of the biodiversity of this insect. By browsing through the website, you'll also discover other important topics we've written about. This is the result of the strict cooperation between two Research Institutes and three beekeeping farms, introduced in "About us".
Here, you will find an updated report of the different activities that refer to the eight goals of the project. Moreover, you will find some videos that have an instructional purpose and other material, useful for those people working with bees with a special attention to genetic issues, who are willing to further investigate the matter and to be informed on the ongoing events. The Beenomix 2.0 project is expanding the initiatives that have started with the previous Beenomix project. On this page, you will find the most significant results of that project.

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